This is just a collection of some of the projects I've worked on over the years.  Some of these have been projects for my employer, some were for my college degree and others have been simple gee wiz personal projects.  Each project will have an explanation included.


FSR Database

The FSR Database was the first major product I produced for my current employer.  It was intended to maintain all pertinent information for each Field Service Representative (FSR) in the Field Organization.  It's gone through several revisions and I've added many features over the years.

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Manning Sheet

This is a spreadsheet that is used to project future employee assignment locations.  This is mostly useful in a work environment where employees are moved around to various work locations on a regular basis.  What made this project especially powerful was the ability to represent the data in a heirachical fashion using a treeview on a form.  

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Vacation Log

This was a small utility I made at the request of my manager.  He'd been using this report to get a visual of who's going to be on vacation and when.  It also easily shows where the overlap is between multiple people taking vacation at the same time.  

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In 2010 I was invited to be a part of a new upstart named Padwerx. Padwerx specialized in designing, installing and maintaining home automation systems. What set them apart was their high level of technical expertise and ability to adapt to any complex project.

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