FSR Database

The FSR Database was the first major product I produced for my current employer.  It was intended to maintain all pertinent information for each Field Service Representative (FSR) in the Field Organization.  It's gone through several revisions and I've added many features over the years.

A major focus of the database was to make it accessible to each individual FSR and make it company policy that each FSR login once every 120 days to ensure that their record was up to date and current.  This took a large portion of the administrative tasks out of the hands of the managers.  

One of the most useful features was the ability to to synchronize with Outlook.  What made this nice was the what occurred when an FSR updated their record.  The managers were using Blackberries that synchronized with Outlook at the time that I designed this.  When an FSR updated their record from wherever they were assigned in the world, the change would automatically propogate to each of the manager's Blackberries.  This allowed the managers to always have the most current contact information for all of their FSRs.

Another major improvement to the database was when I provided the ability for the managers to customize their reports.  Each report contains a specific recordset and the filter criteria was different depending on the report.  I allowed them to provide whatever filter criteria they wanted per report to get precisely the information they needed.

One of the other great features of the database was that it maintained site assignment history.  The managers can generate a report showing all of the assignment locations for each FSR.  This provides a quick overview of the experience each FSR has received over the years of their employment with the company.