Hello and thank you for visiting my eProfile.

I am a Systems Engineer with a major focus in Satellite Communications and IT during my 20 years of work experience.

I first spent a number of years in the IT field involved primarily in networking. My first IT job was as an Assistant Network Administrator while I was still a junior in high school.

One of my first jobs out of college was as a software instructor for about a year and a half teaching computers and software products. The classes that I taught were mostly 8 hour courses given to a different group of approximately 30 students every day. I was a very good instructor and was rewarded with "Instructor of the Month"‚Äč for three months straight. I was then promoted to IT Manager where I was in charge of all the PCs at the training facility.

Not long after my time as an instructor I joined the Field Organization team as a Field Service Representative (FSR) with L3 Technologies based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. I spent 11 years in this position providing support for our products at various customer locations in the field. For the majority of this time I worked on and around various mobile and fixed, miniaturized and very large communications systems. These systems were largely associated with highly classified military programs in remote locations. As a result I was able to obtain a high level security clearance and spent a large part of my career on the road. I have moved and deployed to many remote locations over the years.

I've since moved back to Salt Lake City, UT as a Systems Engineer here at L3 Technologies.  My primary focus has been in network engineering involving Software Defined Networking (SDN) technologies to include OpenVswitch, VMware NSX, VXLAN, and virtualization technologies to include Linux KVM and VMware ESXi.